Group Buy Option

Lets face it we all like to have the opportunity to purchase something at a reduced cost and which better way to do this then have a Group Buy option. We are happy to consider doing a group buy on any of the products we sell, the more people you have in the group buy the better price the group buy could be.

However with anything there are also rules to the group buy.

Group Buy - Manager
To Initiate a group buy, you will need to assign a group buy "manager" this person will be the single point of contact for us to communicate with and negotiate prices etc. This person should be trustworthy and ideally a long standing member/moderator of the club/organization/community you belong to. The Group Buy manager is solely responsible for organizing and running the group buy within your club/organization/community and collecting all the money from people who have committed orders in the group buy purchase. Likewise should the group buy be cancelled for any reason, it is the group buy manager who will deal with returning the money to the group buy members.

Additional Terms
We are not responsible for any part of the Group buy until payment has been made to us in full and thereafter these additional terms along with our standard sales terms and conditions apply. We require that the Payment for the group buy will be made to us IN ONE Transaction. A confirmation email will then be sent to all people in the group purchase, notifying them of the payment and the progress of the order as it happens. Once a group buy has been paid for then the order is FINAL, you cannot cancel the order and there will be no amendments to the group purchase after payment has been made. Due to the nature of a group buy we will not accept returns for any reason. If you have a faulty product then you will need to follow the manufactures return process for repair or replacement. Estimated product lead times/delivery dates will be provided to the group buy manager with the group buy quote. As a group buy can take a while to arrange these lead times may change. It is the responsibility of the group buy manager to make sure the members of the group buy are aware of the lead times/delivery dates. If you call asking when your item will be delivered we will simply ask you to speak to your group buy manager. If there is a supply issue with the product you wish to buy we will notify the group buy manager of any extended lead times. If for instance the supplier does not have stock of the item in question we will not process the group buy until they do.

Group Buy Price

The group buy price is for a fixed number of people and therefore final. The group buy is also for one type of product at a time, allowing for some variations like size and colour etc. Once the qty has been stated and accepted then we will not process the group buy until that number has been reached. For example if the group buy is for 10 and you only have 9 the group purchase will not go ahead until you reach 10. If you wish to add more than the number you initially requested then this should be fine but we will need to know how many to increase it to. Adding more WILL NOT affect the group buy price and any additional must be added BEFORE any payment is made.

You can choose to have two delivery methods.. 1. All to one address 2. To multiple addresses. If you take option 1 then there will only be 1 x Carriage charge (which will be agreed on depending what it is) and it is up to the Group Buy manager to distribute the items. If you choose option 2. Then the Standard delivery fee of £7.50 will be added to the group buy for each member of the group buy and it is the group buy manager responsibility to provide address and quantities of product to each address..

If you are happy with the above information then please download this form and email it to where we will review, price and email back a quote along with any additional information requested from the group buy manager.

NOTE: You will need Microsoft Excel to view and fill out the form. If you do not have Excel you can download the PDF version here but this will require filling out the form by hand and either scanning it in or posting it to us.