Heat Management

Heat Management
Anything that uses energy or performs work will produce heat. A car is no exception to this and features various components which produce heat. In most cases however, heat has a detrimental impact on the performance of certain engine components and the driver. In order to protect these heat sensitive parts, there are a selection of heat shield products available in our range that are designed to reflect or contain heat. Engine bay temperatures can be particularly high and can cause issues with certain engine components. Keeping heat away from air induction systems, electrical wiring or components not only helps to improve the performance of an engine, but also reduces the risk of fire. Heat is also be an issue inside the car too. Certain vehicles suffer from heat caused by a central exhaust system or from hot engine components being near the bulkhead or firewall. Reflective material can be particularly useful to protect the driver from excessive heat, thus allowing for a greater level of concentration and comfort for the driver.

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