Our titanium exhaust wrap is very durable and offers both professional teams and clubman drivers outstanding value for money.
Available in 50mm rolls, and supplied in 10m lengths.

 Key Features:
 •    State of the art titanium exhaust wrap
 •    Very durable
 •    Easy to wrap tightly around manifolds
 •    Reduces under bonnet temperatures
 •    Professional look

Instructions for installation

  1. Remove exhaust system, this will make it easier to work on.
  2. Remove any rust, paint, oil, soot from the exhaust etc.
  3. The wrap does not need to be soaked before installation, you can either install dry or if its a complicated part dampen the wrap (not soak) to help with installation.
  4. When you start fold the end in on itself and cover it by overlapping with the wrap, hold this with a plastic cable tie.
  5. Wrap tightly using a 1/4” (6mm) overlap, when reaching the end of the pipe fold the end inward to make a triangle and secure with plastic zip tie
  6. Once happy, install the stainless steel ties, next to plastic Zip ties to hold everything in place
  7. REMOVE ALL Plastic ZIP ties..
  8. Cut and Fold over the stainless steel tie ends for a neat job.

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Titanium Exhaust Wrap 50mm x 10m

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  • £20.00