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We have extensive experience in providing A/C service & recharging on all makes and models of Lorries and Trucks from manufactures such as DAF, SCANIA, Renault, Volvo, Iveco, Mercedes, Man, etc.

It's very important to keep your fleet of drivers cool. Hot cabins can drastically reduce the performance of your driver as well impact their mood and their mental health. Having a cool cabin helps mitigate heat exhaustion & unwanted mental and physical stress.

We recommend that high mileage vehicles have their A/C serviced at least once a year, this ensures longevity in components such as compressors, seals and lines which can be very expensive to replace/repair not to mention downtime of a truck being off the road for the time it takes for a repair to be carried out.
Anyone who has been in a Sprayer, Tractor, Harvester, Loader etc. without A/C on a warm day will know its just like being in a greenhouse, Not a nice place to be!
It's even worse when you are spraying chemicals and you cant open the doors for a bit of air.

We have experiance with servicing the A/C systems on all these types of vehicles. From manufactures such as John Deere, New Holland, Massey Ferguson, JCB, Claas, Bateman etc.

As Farming equipment is used for such long hours and in such a hostile enviroment, we recommend that the A/C systems are checked and serviced at least once a year.
Working on a site in the heat is never fun what with all the PPE your workers have to wear. Working in vehicles which have failed A/C decreases performance and slows the entire site down. Heat exhaustion is not only a massive distraction and therefore is a safety concern on site, its has also been proven to decrease a person's performance by as high as 40% meaning missed deadlines and potential for accidents etc. Keeping your workforce cool, allows them to concentrate on the matter in hand, work effectively and efficiently, whilst keeping deadlines in check and lowing the potential of accidents and illness.

We have extensive experience with servicing the A/C systems on all the above vehicles. In addition to some makes already mentioned we have experience with Kubota, Hitachi, Caterpillar etc.

As the environment this equipment is used in is quite harsh, we recommend that the A/C systems are checked and serviced once a year.




 Commercial A/C Service and Regas
 Commercial Leak Protection/Aircon Sealer treatment
 Nitrogen Pressure Test
 De-gassing Only


We have our own power so we can work in any area or site where it is possible to take a vehicle.
If your site does not have an address or is hard to find use the ///what3words address and we can come right to you!

We comply with all site safety regulations and supply our own PPE whilst we are on site.
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