Pricing and Service information - HM Mobile Car air conditioning service and regas - Southampton & Hampshire

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A/C Service and Regas - From £55
We can do both types of refrigerant/gas, R134a and R1234yf

We use the latest in A/C re-gassing technology to ensure that you get the same, if not greater level of service as you would get from a main dealer. Our systems are fully automated with a database which is updated daily for each make and model of vehicle and therefore no under/overfilling can take place which can damage the A/C system.

Our A/C Service Technicians are fully trained and have all the required certification needed to carry out LEGAL A/C re-gassing in the UK. If you wish to see this information please ask your A/C Service Technician. We offer both types of Air Con Re-gassing, R134a and R1234yf.

If you are unsure as to what gas your car takes has then please call us and we will be able to tell you. The price is dependent on the car as all A/C systems take differing  amounts and types of  gas, we can also do commercial and agricultural vehicles as well.
Nitrogen Pressure/Leak Test - £45
This is FOC if we are able to regas

If we find that your A/C system has no pressure/refrigerant in it when attempting to re-charge the system and it fails the vacuum tests then this test MUST be undertaken before any re-charging can commence.

It is a legal requirement for all A/C engineers to make sure there are no major leaks when re-filling any A/C system.

If during the test the system is found to be good for recharging then this service will cost you nothing if you wish to go ahead and re-gas the system at the same time. If there are leaks found and something needs replacing or is in need of repair before we can re-gas the system then we will provide you with information on what needs to be replaced.
Saniflux (Anti-Bac) Treatment - £45
Get rid of those nasty smells

It's a hot day, you are desperate to get in your car to cool  down with the nice cool breeze of your cars A/C, you start the car but what greats you is this odd foul smelling odour being blasted into your face? Phew... not so nice! So what is this smell? well in the industry its call Dirty Sock Syndrome and is actually its a build up of bacteria/mould/mildew in your A/C vents/evaporator.

Apart from being smelly it can have quite some serious effects if not treated. You can get anything from just a nasty to smell to colds and flu and even more serious respiratory issues such as legionnaires  disease (however very rare these days). Not to mention mould spores etc. can trigger asthma attacks and so on..

The other nice thing about our Saniflux Anti-Bacterial treatment is  that it can also be used to reduce or eliminate car odours. For instance you may have  just bought a used car but after a interior clean  it still just does not smell that nice, perhaps the previous owner was a smoker. Well the system we use also help eliminate smoke and  embedded smells in the car too.
Leak Protection and A/C Sealer treatment £50
This must be done as an addition to a A/C service and regas.

Over time, a vehicle's air conditioning system may struggle to maintain  refrigerant pressure due to ageing components, such as deteriorating  rubber seals, corrosion etc.

Diagnosing and fixing these leaks can be difficult and sometimes very  expensive to repair. These advanced leak sealant products are designed  to improve the integrity of the system by sealing these minor leaks and  conditioning the old rubber seals so that the A/C system performs as  normal.

These products are suitable for slow leaks and although they have  received very positive feedback, we cannot guarantee it will work for  every vehicle. Naturally the best course of action is to fix these leaks  with new replacement parts but in some cases the expense of this makes it impractical to do so.

These products provide a good economical option to try for those who want to avoid spending lots of money on air conditioning  repairs.

These A/C sealing systems can be used with both R134a and the newer r1234yf gas.
Vehicle Diagnostics - From £50
Computer diagnostics to find issues with car systems, sensors etc.

If a warning light or fault code has appeared on your dashboard we recommend booking in for our mobile service to get it checked out. We use the latest state-of-the-art car diagnostic test equipment to help troubleshoot system warnings and check engine lights to identify issues.
Our trained technicians can then assist with advising you of any recommended repairs to fix the problem, reset the engine management or warning lights. We can also code injectors, run dpf regen etc, please enquire.. We always provide the reports via email directly from our equipment.

There are major benefits to keep using your A/C in winter.

Despite what you may think, your air  conditioning system actually helps you more than you think in winter  and should be used all year round to keep it working in tip top order.  Part of the Air conditioning system  actually removes water from the  air, which is perfect for aiding in de-misting the windscreen on a cold  morning, or when you are soaked to the bone and get into a warm car  when its cold outside.

If  you think it will be cold when using your A/C during winter please do  not worry, this is not the case! Cars with A/C have been designed for  the A/C feature to be used all year round so simply set your heating to  the desired temp, switch the A/C on and the car will keep you warm and  moisture free.
Sometimes things can get a bit whiffy!

Anyone who have experienced the A/C smell will know exactly how unpleasant it   can be, this is a build up of bacteria and can be the cause of colds,   flu and other more serious respiratory issues.

There are a few ways of   stopping the smell. You can either use your A/C all the time and make   sure your cabin filters are changed when you get your car serviced. Or   if you wish you can have your car cleaned with our Saniflux treatment,   this is an anti bacterial treatment which kills any bugs and also   deodorises your cars interior leaving no unpleasant smells to speak of.
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